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BBC: "Why are suburbs seen as boring?"

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"People tend to think of the 'suburbs' of the UK as safe and boring, but much culture originates there and the leafy streets have many of the same problems as the inner city, writes sociologist Rupa Huq.

"... British urban relations in some ways follow a doughnut model. The classic city centre at the core is a place of excitement and urban glamour associated with the cut and thrust of business. The rim around this is the inner-city. In the post-war period, many places were bombed out, with the remaining private housing supplemented by hastily built social stock, including a plethora of tower blocks.

"For many, the tranquillity of the suburb and easy availability of mortgages in the outer ring made it the ideal place to flee to and call home, although its peaceable quality made it dullsville in the eyes of the urban intelligentsia and many who grew up there."

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 "BBC: Levittown: A suburb at 60"

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