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Good News on House Prices: "First-time buyer house prices will increase by 42% by 2020. Rents forecast to be 44% higher"

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"The housing crisis and failure to build enough new homes in Britain will make 2020 a bleak period for new homehunters, according to the National Housing Federation.

"Its report 'Housing Britain's Future' suggests that the 22 per cent jump in births between 2001 and 2001 and a decade of insufficient house building  are on target to raise first time buyer house prices by 42 per cent and rents by 44 per cent, leaving 3.7 million young people living with their parents by 2020.

"... The National Housing Federation report argues that, while 2012 house prices are 10 times the average young person's wage, by 2020 this figure will be 16 times the average wage."

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