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Broken Barnet: "Picnics and such tricks: Barnet Tories approve the Welsh Harp development"

Link to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet

"Stormy weather: an eventful week, and more trouble ahead for Barnet Council after last night's vote to approve the hugely controversial development plans for a monstrous housing development by Barratt Homes, alongside the Welsh Harp reservoir.

"The development is controversial, not just for the evident ugliness and inappropriate design of the proposed housing - including 29-storeyed high-rise flats - but due to the sensitive location, a 'site of special scientific interest', and one of incalculable importance to the ecological well-being of the surrounding heavily-populated and congested area.

"This proposed development - already being marketed - is on the border with Brent, whose opposition to the plans is clearly expressed here."

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