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'Wembley Matters': "Barnet Council approve ruination of the Welsh Harp"

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"Barnet Planning Committee tonight passed the planning application for the West Hendon Development on the banks of the Welsh Harp, by 5 votes to 4, after a sometimes rancorous debate.

"The presentation by a planning officer produced protests from Andrew Dismore, AM for Barnet and Camden, who said that he had never heard such a biased officers' report in 30 years of involvement in politics. He said the officer was acting as a advocate for the developers, rather as someone presenting a balanced view on which the Planning Committee could make a decision.

"... Javaid Ashraf (Liberal Democrat, Dollis Hill) told the committee that he was a former chair of the Welsh Harp JCC. He had three main concerns: density, damage to the SSSI, and traffic congestion. He said he was not against redevelopment. He was supportive of 'a' scheme but not 'this' scheme."

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