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Does Hammerson's 'LONDON COMMUNICATIONS AGENCY' have a public relations problem? (They could always hire a proper PR agency)

Link to BBC web site

"...The deluge of badly-written press releases, silly events and photo stunts, 'news stories' without news value, and meaningless 'campaigns' have come to irk journalists, and bore an increasingly cynical general public.

Link to 'Barnet Eye'

"If anything, it will be the changing nature of the media that will fundamentally alter the PR industry, weeding-out the hapless and the disingenuous. [Told you this was about 'London Communications Agency'.]

LCA internal discipline

"While some old school PR cliches can work online - the clever photo, or an interesting interview - others, such as the tedious opinion poll-based news-in-briefs which clutter the pages of Monday newspapers, simply go nowhere."

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