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LeighDay: "Cressingham Gardens’ tenant wins High Court legal battle against Lambeth Council"

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"The High Court has found Lambeth Council acted unlawfully when it removed options from a public consultation over plans to redevelop the Cressingham Gardens estate in Lambeth, South London.

"Lambeth Council began a consultation process with tenants of the Estate in November 2014, by setting up sub-groups to consider resident management options; wellbeing; green retrofitting; financial modelling; and test of opinion and a series of workshops to obtain the residents’ views on the future of the estate.

It proposed five options to be consulted on: Options 1 to 3 concerned refurbishment and options 4 and 5 were part and full demolition.

However, in March 2015, before the sub-group's reports had been fed back to the Council, options 1 to 3, the refurbishment options, had been removed by the Council."


Just Space: "Vision for the next London Plan"

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"The Just Space network of community groups and London-wide organisations works to influence London’s strategic planning document, The London Plan, and today issues a set of 'key demands' which will form the basis of more detailed Community Visions for the next London Plan

"... Just Space Co-ordinator, Richard Lee said:
"While the Mayor's staff are preparing their new version of London's strategic planning document that will affect the lives of all Londoners, Just Space groups have seized the initiative and are putting forward ideas of what local people want to see included.

For too long, London’s planning system has failed to deliver for Londoners on issues such as air pollution and inequalities, has not developed a rounded economy, and has failed to tackle the affordable housing crisis. Local people are demanding a better future for London and all Londoners."


Hammerson's "£1bn Westfield scheme is running late with a 2020 vision"

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"The £1 billion shopping supermall, which multi-national developers and Croydon’s biggest land-owners have been promising to deliver on the site of the run-down Whitgift Centre, won’t now be open for business for more than five years.

"The delay in development was announced this week by a senior council official, and has been confirmed by a spokesman for the developers.

"... One of the reasons for the slowing of pace towards the development is the complicated and complex CPO. The Croydon CPO – Compulsory Purchase Order – will see our local authority buy up a 7-hectare town centre site, mainly the Whitgift Centre, to enable the developers to implement their scheme of retail, offices and 'luxury' apartments.

"The Westfield/Hammerson plans for the development include 136,500 sq m of retail space, 16,400 sq m of leisure facilities and 1,900 sq m of offices."