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(4) BARNET NEWS - to 16 May 12

16 May 2012:

Barnet Times: "New council cabinet announced"

23 July 2011:

Structure Chart

7 April 2011:

Structure Chart

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5 Feb 2011:

Barnet Senior Management Salaries

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4 Nov 2010:

New Barnet Web Site
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"As a successful London suburb, we will continue to enable the borough to grow sustainably, by supporting prosperity whilst preserving and enhancing the physical environment."

Our comment: Sustainably???

See also The Sleeper Awakes!

4 Nov 2010:

Barnet Times: "Councillor Lynne Hillan refuses to answer question on possible changes to Barnet Council structure from own party"

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 "THE leader of Barnet Council last night refused to answer a question about making the council “more transparent” directed at her by one of her own party members."

29 Oct 2010:

Barnet Times: West Hendon and Grahame Park "Slum Slur"

28 Oct 2010: 'Barnet Press':
Barnet wants you to tell it what to do

Barnet Press Office:
Budget consultation 2011/12

Registering your interest

We will be consulting with residents as we develop a budget for 2011/12. If you would like to be involved in that process please register your details through our facebook page (external link). Just a simple "Hi, I'd like to register my interest in helping to shape the budget 2011/12" will do at this stage. We will be in touch in due course. You will need to be registered with Facebook to leave your details and comments.

Let us know your ideas

Over the next three years, we expect to have 25% less to spend on services than we do this year. We want you to tell us and rate ideas about how we can provide quality services on a reduced budget. You can do this on the ideas website.

This map is scrollable and scaleable!

First the big cheeses (May 2010 anyway):

Now the smaller cheeses:

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