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The Guardian: "Public belief in climate change weathers storm, poll shows"

Link to The Guardian
 "The public's belief in global warming as a man-made danger has weathered the storm of climate controversies and cold weather intact, according to a Guardian/ICM poll."

BBC: "Residents in Barnet protest over council budget cuts"

Link to BBC London

"Almost 2,000 residents have taken part in a protest against Barnet Council's budget cuts.

"Leader of the council Lynne Hillan said it remained committed to protecting the most vulnerable, and was putting an extra £2.5m into child protection."

(The BXC Coalition does not endorse - or oppose - this matter.)

Click picture above for march and rally photographs
from Barnet Eye


A failed high-quality office development on the North Circular Road, with excellent public transport links? TELL US ABOUT IT! (As Diageo cries into its pint of Guinness)

Link to summary of the new planning application
The complete application is on the London Borough of Brent web site.
Discuss the plan with Brent's Case Officer, Neil McClellan on 020 8937 5243
(neil.mcclellan@brent.gov.uk) and submit your comments.

Original plan for 'First Central' estate

Brent Councillors back a "North and West London Light Railway"

Following successful unanimous votes in Harrow Council and Ealing Council previously, Brent Council on 24 January became the third London Borough to support a motion to investigate a 'North and West London Light Railway' running south-west from Brent Cross (shown on the map below).

Such a passenger service, on what is currently just a freight line, would be roughly parallel to the North Circular Road.

It could run to the proposed Crossrail and High-Speed-Two station at Old Oak Common in west London.

Click on map above, for more 
 transport details about Brent Cross


Brent Cross 'Refuse Derived Fuel' Incinerator Put in Doubt (Click on Gromit's nose)

Localism Bill - Not at Brent Cross Cricklewood for the next twenty years?

Read the Full Monty 
(photo: Barnet Times)

Key points in government proposals:

Local people and communities will have real power and a bigger say over their area, through a new right to challenge to take over services.

They will also have a new right to bid to buy local assets, such as libraries, pubs and shops.

Neighbourhood Planning

The Bill will introduce a new right for communities to shape their local areas. Neighbourhood plans will enable communities to permit development – in full or in outline – without the need for planning applications.

Community Right to Build

This measure will give local communities the power to take forward development in their area without the need to apply for planning permission, subject to meeting certain safeguards and securing 50 per cent support of the community through a referendum.

It will be for communities to identify suitable land, sources of finance and secure support for their proposals, but we will put in place arrangements to provide help and guidance

Local authorities will also have to publish up-to-date information direct to the public on what planning documents they are preparing, while central government powers to direct changes will be more limited.

See a later Localism Bill / Act here.
See an earlier Localism Bill item here.


BBC: "EU presses UK over London air pollution"

Link to BBC News
"The UK government has just weeks to convince EU officials that it will meet European clean air standards in London, if it is to avoid a court case.

"... Last year a scientific study commissioned by London Mayor Boris Johnson estimated that air pollution was responsible for 4,267 early deaths in the UK capital, through long-term exposure."

The Independent: "Big cities are not always biggest polluters"

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"While cities across the world were to blame for around 71 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, urban dwellers who can use public transport rather than drive helped to lower per capita emissions in some cities."


Is London Communications Agency shy about announcing Hammerson's Brent Cross Cricklewood planning permission?

Go to Page 5 of November's 'Shopping Centre'

"Managing Director at Hammerson UK Retail, Lawrence Hutchings, said: 'Bullring [sic] has a fantastic reputation ...'

"... Hammerson also plans to extend a number of its retail parks, including Abbey in Belfast, and Battery in Birmingham. ... The Orchard Centre in Didcot is in the design stage."

We suggest:
Brent Cross Cricklewood
- The Planning Permission That Dare Not Speak Its Name.


Green Alliance: "Power shift - Big Society, localism and the environment"

Link to Green Alliance web site
The Green Alliance 2011 conference

Key speakers:
  • Nick Hurd MP, minister for civil society
  • Matthew Taylor, chief executive, RSA
  • Dame Fiona Reynolds, director-general, National Trust
  • Paul Twivy, chief executive, Big Society Network
  • Nick Boles MP, PPS to Minister of State for Schools
  • Mike Clarke, chief executive, RSPB

"Whither Brent Cross Thameslink, then?" (Don't claim you're never consulted, anyway)

Link to London and South East RUS report

You can watch the whole film!
"This represents our latest analysis with respect to an appropriate strategy to 2031, for the South East England railway network as a whole. ... The RUS forecasts an increase of over 30 per cent in the numbers of commuters using National Rail services into the capital, during the weekday morning peaks.

"There is now a consultation period [till mid-March] on this Strategy, and we welcome your comments and feedback, particularly on the interventions suggested."

GreenWise: "Commercial buildings task group launches to cut carbon emissions". [We say: Hammerson hypocrisy, given all the extra Brent Cross traffic!]

Link to GreenWise web site
"... The new task group, which has 30 members including Hammerson, Cundall and British Land, also plans to give suggestions on how to amend the 'Carbon Reduction Commitment', a scheme to drive down carbon emissions in big business."


A reminder of SOME of what Hammerson and Standard Life are trying to do at Brent Cross Cricklewood, and how we are campaigning against them!

'The March to Finchley', William Hogarth, 1750 ('The Battle of Brent Cross', Hammerson, 2011. "Compare and Contrast.")

Link to 'Broken Barnet' web site

Reference in text to Barnet Councillors:
"bus", "public transport": these are widely available ways of moving from A to B, if you do not have:
  • a free parking permit, 
  • use of the Mayoral limousine, or 
  • a preference for travelling by taxi at the local tax-payers' expense, 
but frankly, are best avoided by the better class of person, and councillors.)


New web site, on the basis, that in the London Borough of Barnet, "You couldn't make it up!"

"About The Barnet Mash: Everything on this blog is completely made up. If you think we have accidentally reported the truth, please let us know and we will immediately rectify the situation."


Hammerson: Something for your diary

Link to 'The Shopping Centre' web site
Shopping Centre managers, owners, developers: £150 (including all refreshments)
Service and product providers to the industry (limited availablilty [sic]): £295 (including all refreshments)

"In 2011 'Shopping Centre' celebrates its 20th Birthday. Can you believe it is so long since Eric Williams launched the title in 1991?"

We say: No we can't. We really can't.


Thanks to Hammerson, Brent Cross traffic is ready to play its part in creating extra air pollution...

Evening Standard: "Londoners could pay £25 each in EU fines for pollution failure"

Link to Evening Standard
"The Localism Bill proposes that the fines - likely to be about £300million - should be devolved to local authorities, including City Hall and borough councils. This could cost every London taxpayer up to £25 a year."


Buy Hammerson (HMSO) at 434.5p, says Robert Sutherland-Smith of UK350.com

Link to uk-analyst.com
"Risk Warning: The value of investments can go down as well as up. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. Investing in equities can lose you part or all of your capital. The tips given here are of necessity, general. They cannot relate to the individual circumstances of investors. Anyone considering following the recommendations contained here should seek independent advice."

Building.co.uk: "London developers to pay £300m Crossrail levy"

Link to news item
"Even boroughs likely to see very little benefit from Crossrail, such as Croydon and Barnet, will have to charge developers the levy. The charge, between £20-50 per m², will be collected under the government’s proposed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) system."


Reminder from the Brent Cross Incinerator residential neighbours, about the battle ahead

(Hammerson would get the North London Waste Authority to arrange everything. That has not exactly been helped by the government cancelling a PFI deal, to pay for it all.)

Hammerson in 2010 - what a busy year!

Hammerson plc (Paris: GB0004065016 - news)
04 January 2011
Annual Information Update

Hammerson plc ("the Company") is pleased to provide an annual information update, in accordance with the requirements of the Prospectus Rule 5.2. This update refers to information that has been published or made available by the Company to the public over the twelve months ended on 31 December 2010. To avoid an unnecessarily lengthy document, information is referred to in this update rather than included in full.


Hammerson and Shopping Centres

Click above to enlarge image,
or link to article: The Guardian

"...Prime shopping centres have become highly coveted as the building of new malls has slowed to a trickle, despite Britain's obsession with shopping."

"...Property developer Hammerson is the second-largest player, with nine malls."

"Experts blame an arduous planning regime and a shortage of finance. 'The tap has been slowly turned off and we have to find a way to turn it back on again,' said Charles Miller, head of retail at King Sturge. 'The planning regime hasn't helped and localism has made it a lot more complex.' "

" 'There is growth to be had, but it has to be the right type of shopping centre,' said Lawrence Hutchings, head of retail at Hammerson. 'Retailers are feeling the need to be in fewer locations than in the past, but they need flagship stores that embody the brand. It's a real opportunity for prime shopping centres.' "

Link to earlier Hammerson item.
or: Treat yourself to the HAMMERSON VIDEO
or even: Hurrah! God Bless His Nibs! It's the HAMMERSON LORD MAYOR OF LONDON!


Croydon Guardian: "Centrale shopping centre Croydon could be sold within days"

Link to Sarf London
"Centrale shopping centre could be sold to property company Hammerson within days, as part of a £250m deal for six retail developments around the UK."

Odd fact: Centrale is next to the Croydon light-rail system, and paid for an extra station...

Photo: Neil Clifton


BBC: "Man dies and another hurt in Rotherham plant explosion"

Link to BBC web site
"South Yorkshire Police said a waste incinerator had exploded, creating a hole in the factory's wall."

Link to Sterecycle web site

"We plan to have at least 6 plants operational by 2013 including in Yorkshire, Wales, London and Glasgow."

12 Jan: BBC update,
and Sheffield Telegraph.

Link to later video of explosion.


Evening Standard: "Hammerson quits tower war, and starts to spread its wings"

Link to Evening Standard
[In central London] ... "office towers only tend to stack up economically if the space can be rented out at somewhere around £80 per square foot. Fine, if you can afford to rent space for 150 or so highly-paid staff on one floor of, say, the Walkie Talkie. Not fine if you want to house 400 or so of the rank and file on one floor, and are not keen on paying more than £50 per square foot."

Link to later Hammerson item.
Link to earlier Hammerson item.


The Guardian: "Easing of parking rules will lead to traffic congestion"

The Guardian
"Under the new guidance, limits on car spaces in new developments will be lifted, and councils will be encouraged to set cheaper parking charges in town centres.

"... local authorities will be pushed around by developers to settle for a return to big, sprawling developments geared around the car."


Hammerson's Brent Cross Cricklewood Plan: The Nation gives its Verdict

Recent "Yes, Minister" visit to 
Barnet's Council Leader
(Click for Barnet Times)
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