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Government: Local Authorities MUST co-operate

The Localism Bill will contain an "obligation on authorities to cooperate on those parts of their policies which cross borders and boundaries, and in a way that cross-boundaries were perhaps not recognised in the regional system."

Brent Cross location from a two-and-a-half-year-old document: 



Government calls on planners to lead localism 'revolution'

"Communities will help develop proposals for their neighbourhoods, rather than be consulted on 'options' that have already been prepared."


Media Coverage

Barnet Times

The Coalition is, and will continue to be, an all-party and no-party grouping. However, we will draw your attention to any web site on the issue, like this Green Party blog...

Coalition Press Release

Press Statement - Brent Cross Coalition Response to Secretary of State Failure to Call-In Application

We believe that allowing the current plans to go ahead will destroy communities and cause great harm to local town centres across North West London and beyond. The scheme should have been called in by the Secretary of State on those grounds alone.

The plans are discredited, out-dated and green-washed, with high-rise rabbit-hutch housing of poor environmental standards and a gasifying incinerator as the only supposedly “renewable” energy source. This predominantly car-based scheme will exacerbate air pollution at a time when the Government has already been given final notice by the EU for breaching air quality standards, and will also destroy any chance of a sustainable light-rail scheme across this part of outer London.

This ill-conceived decision by the Secretary of State does not bode well for future planning decisions, and is completely at odds with new Conservative Party policies on planning, and the recent Coalition Government planning statement. It rides roughshod over widespread local opposition from tens of thousands of people, which must now be heard at a public inquiry.

We will continue to fight this regressive, unpopular scheme, to replace it with a sustainable development that meets both 21st century standards and the needs and aspirations of the whole community.


Willesden (and Wembley) Observer

Barnet predicts over 29,000 extra cars daily at Brent Cross / West Hendon (Road traffic causes 80% of air pollution)...

UK given final warning over London air quality
The UK has been issued a written warning by Europe to clean London's air or face fines of up to £300m

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UK receives 'final warning' over air pollution
The European Commission has threatened to take the UK to the European Court of Justice over air quality breaches.

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Barnet Council's report on transport:


A better alternative...

Proposed light railway's relationship with North Circular Road and other major roads

Hammerson: You Couldn't Make it Up!

"Hammerson acknowledged for sustainability"!

(Winner of our Journalism Brown Nose Award?)