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Artists & Illustrators: Andy Parker: Art for Sale

"I have worked as a town planner in London and have an interest in the urban environment of a big city.

"Artistically, I'm particularly drawn to those parts of the city traditionally seen as being unattractive and unglamorous, but which often have a moody, transient and dynamic quality which makes these areas far from mundane.

"I aim to capture the drama of these landscapes with vivid, moody and dynamic compositions through the manipulation of digital photographs using various blending techniques, and through the use of mixed media, such as watercolour and acrylics on paper and hardboard."

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CPO1 and CPO2: The Brent Cross Cricklewood Public Inquiry

The London Borough of Barnet (Brent Cross Cricklewood) Compulsory Purchase Orders (No. 1 and 2) 2015

Clayton Crown Hotel, 142-152 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3ED

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Acquiring Authority Proofs of Evidence

Cath Shaw, London Borough of Barnet – Commissioning Director for Growth & Environment
AA-CS-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-CS-2  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Thomas Wyld, London Borough of Barnet – Principal Planning Officer
AA-TW-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-TW-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-TW-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Paul Shipway, London Borough of Barnet – Strategic Housing Lead
AA-PS-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-PS-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-PS-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Bob Allies, Allies & Morrison - Partner
AA-BA-1  Proof of Evidence
​AA-BA-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-BA-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Michael McGuinness, Hammerson plc – Development Director
AA-MM-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-MM-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-MM-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Andre Gibbs,  Argent (Property Development) Services LLP) - Partner
AA-AG-1  Proof of Evidence
​AA-AG-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-AG-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Philip Murphy,  Quod Planning - Director
AA-PM-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-PM-2  Summary of Proof of Evidence

John Orchard,  AECOM – Project Director
AA-JSO-1  Proof of Evidence
​AA-JSO-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-JSO-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence

Paul Astbury,  GL Hearn – CPO and Regeneration Director
AA-PA-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-PA-2  Appendices to Proof of Evidence
AA-PA-3  Summary of Proof of Evidence
Simon Slatford, Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners - Senior Director
AA-SS-1  Proof of Evidence
AA-SS-2  Summary of Proof of Evidence
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[Reposted] Barnet Times: "Councillors told to approve Brent Cross Cricklewood scheme." (Was that by the Council Leader or Chief Whip? Oh, no, our mistake.)

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"NEARLY twenty different groups from across the political spectrum have formally formed a coalition to fight the massive Brent Cross Cricklewood Scheme.

"... Barnet Council is set to decide the fate of the plans, which will see 7,500 new homes and 27,000 new jobs created on a 151-acre site, next Wednesday.

"Group co-ordinator Lia Colacicco said:
"We're not against regeneration completely, but we feel this particular plan is not sustainable.

We believe Barnet Council will pass these plans, they have been working with the developers for more than ten years, but we want to put pressure on to get a planning inquiry."
"The group is unhappy with many facets of the plans, including transport solutions, the environmental impact and the scale of the project."

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"COUNCILLORS have been advised to accept the controversial Brent Cross Cricklewood plans in a set of council papers released today.

"Barnet Council's planning committee is due to meet next Wednesday to vote on the proposals, which include 98 new residential blocks, a waste handling plant, offices and shops and new roads.

"... Jonathan Joseph from the Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Partners said:
"We are pleased that officers have recommended approval of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration.

The scheme to create a new town centre fits within and fully complies with the most up-to-date local and London wide planning policy to achieve the lasting regeneration of the area.

The sustainability of the scheme is second to none."


Evening Standard: "Sadiq Khan seeks powers to give Londoners ‘first dibs’ on homes"

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"Sadiq Khan has launched a bid to stop thousands of London homes being sold off overseas as “golden bricks”.

The Mayor said he would push Government for more powers to give Londoners 'first dibs' on new-build properties.

"Overseas buyers have been accused of fuelling the property crisis by buying homes off-plan and then leaving them empty. Mr Khan wants to give Londoners first refusal by allowing councils to ring-fence a proportion of new properties in their area to be marketed exclusively to locals before they are offered to buyers elsewhere.

Evening Standard: "Old Oak Common: £10 billion plan for ‘Canary Wharf of West’ to be reviewed by City Hall"

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"A review of the £10 billion redevelopment of 'the Canary Wharf of the West' has been ordered amid concerns that it could fall short on delivering affordable housing for the capital.

"Sadiq Khan has appointed a senior 'director level' official at the Greater London Authority to head a two-month evaluation of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation.

"The corporation was created last year by previous mayor Boris Johnson to oversee the transformation of the sprawling railway lands and industrial estates at Old Oak Common."