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[Reposted from 2002] YOU'VE MISSED IT! But don't confuse the Ninky Nonk with the proposed Brent Cross Shopping Centre expansion, from Hammy Sonn.

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This is the NINKY NONK.
Link to
(can book tickets there as well)

Link to

This is the promised
Brent Cross 'LIVING BRIDGE'.
Early design from Chapman Taylor
- traffic not shown.
(CT: If you get round to creating a fly-through,
don't forget audio of the North Circular Road.)

This is Sir Terry Farrell's Ninky Nonk,
on the London Borough of
Hammersmith & Fulham's
web site.

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[Reposted from Feb 2015] Tue 3 Mar: Progressing the Corrupt Brent Cross Planning Consent: Now it's Compulsory Purchase Orders

Link to access all documents

"Major developments are planned in Barnet over the next 10 to 15 years which will see significant population growth in new and improved neighbourhoods, and significant investment in supporting facilities and infrastructure.

"The range of projects include the regeneration of our four largest estates and the development of the three strategic growth areas identified in the London Mayor's Plan - the Cricklewood, Brent Cross and West Hendon regeneration area, Colindale and Mill Hill East.

"We have established the Regeneration Service to ensure that it plays a leading role in shaping these developments and maximising their benefit to the borough. The Regeneration Service is responsible for co-ordinating the work of key council departments to this end, and works closely with Education, Housing, Property Services and the Planning Service."


Brent Cross's Hammerson on the way out? Sunday Telegraph: "Hammerson tie-up faces fresh £5bn French raid"

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"French shopping centre giant Klépierre has stepped up attempts to derail a tie-up of UK mall owners Hammerson and Intu, secretly laying the ground for a bid battle that threatens to turn hostile.

"It is understood that Klépierre has held talks with Hammerson's top shareholders, urging them to force the firm to consider its takeover proposal. The Paris-based company offered 615p a share, worth £4.9bn.

"Hammerson, which owns British shopping centres including Brent Cross in London and the Bullring in Birmingham, confirmed last week that it had dismissed an approach from Klépierre and instead plans to press ahead with a £3.4bn takeover of Intu."


Is Hammerson telling porkies? FT: "Investors sceptical of Hammerson retail property valuations"

"Why [Brent Cross] shopping centre owner took umbrage at Klépierre’s recent proposal to buy it out"

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"After European shopping centre owner Klépierre said this week it had made an unsuccessful approach to buy UK rival Hammerson for £5bn, the target sounded almost offended in its response."

"... This disgruntled response goes to the heart of a fundamental disagreement between the UK’s largest property companies and their investors, many of whom have lost faith in 'bricks and mortar' shops, about how much these companies are worth. While Klépierre made an approach based on Hammerson’s share price, Hammerson has argued that the value of its property portfolio is what really matters. And the difference between the two is large.

"Measured by its share price before the Klépierre offer was announced to the market, Hammerson’s market capitalisation was £3.5bn. But according to the most recent figures published by the company, which owns some of Britain’s best-known shopping centres including London's Brent Cross and the Bullring in Birmingham, the net value of its assets is £6.2bn."


DiamondGeezer: "The new extension to Westfield London opened today"

Link to web site
(SCROLL DOWN to 20 March entry)

"This new extension sticks out to the north of the existing mall, on the site of the former Silver Road Industrial Estate. It's on two floors, linked by occasional escalators, beneath a twisted lattice ceiling. At the far end is a glassy atrium, with links down to a small lower level and two additional car parks. And beyond that is the big anchor tenant, a new John Lewis over four floors - the largest in the country, and allegedly designed with 'West London shoppers' in mind.

"... Before you dash, be aware that most of the shops in the new extension haven't opened yet. Some are unwrapping themselves over the next weeks, others later in the summer, and several units don't even have a confirmed brand name attached. When all that's complete, Westfield London will officially become the largest shopping centre in Europe. I'm sure those whose idea of a good day out is a focused retail odyssey will lap the place up, and spend plenty. But there's nothing here you actually need, nor that you couldn't have got somewhere else."


Wembley Matters: "Green AM urges London Mayor to reject Cricklewood Rail-Freight Facility"

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"Caroline Russell, Green Assembly Member for London, has written to the London Mayor, urging him to reject the planning application for the Rail-Freight facility in Cricklewood."

Barnet Labour: "West London orbital rail link on the right track"

"Labour councillors have welcomed the news that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has adopted plans for a West London Orbital Rail service as part of his transport strategy. This vital investment in Outer London will improve orbital links for many Barnet residents, especially those living in Cricklewood and Hendon.

"The Environment Committee (14 March) has agreed a proposal put forward by Cllr Phil Cohen for an invitation to be sent to TfL, the West London Alliance and Network Rail to attend a future joint meeting of the Council's Environment and Assets, Regeneration & Growth committees to discuss the plans and how the Council can work with the Mayor to make these plans a reality.

"East Barnet Labour Councillor Phil Cohen said:
"The West London orbital rail link is a project that has been championed by local campaigners and our party for years. It is exciting that the Mayor is now backing it as it brings the prospect of jobs and better transport links much closer.

This will greatly benefit local residents, and I am pleased that all the interested parties will meet to look at how to take this forward."

LB Barnet: "West London Orbital Railway"

"The Mayor of London has accepted the compelling case put forward by Barnet Council and its neighbouring west London boroughs for the development of a West London Orbital Railway.

"The Mayor recently presented his Transport Strategy to the London Assembly for consideration before final publication in the coming weeks. Barnet Council welcomes the Mayor of London’s fresh commitment to the creation of a West London Orbital Railway.

"Following extensive feedback from the consultation, the strategy now also includes the potential for a West London Orbital rail line, connecting Hounslow with Cricklewood and Hendon via Old Oak, Neasden and Brent Cross.

"The West London Orbital Railway would see the recommissioning of the existing Dudding Hill for passenger use. The new line would be delivered through TfL, the West London Alliance, boroughs and Network Rail.

"The Leader of Barnet Council, Councillor Richard Cornelius said:
“This is a genuinely exciting proposal and one that Barnet Council and its neighbouring west London boroughs have been championing for quite some time. There is a real need for improving rail connectivity between Barnet and west London boroughs. This will create jobs for local people and complement the exciting regeneration that is set to take place at Brent Cross Cricklewood.

“I’ve rarely seen a freight train using the existing Dudding Hill line. That gives me real hope that this project could become a reality sooner rather than later, due to the tracks already being in place.

“We will continue to work with our partners and neighbouring boroughs, as the plans for this new railway progress."


ThisIsMoney: "Shopping malls fend off £5bn French bid: But Hammerson may yet face an even bigger offer"

Link to web site

"Shares in Hammerson soared after a French rival launched an audacious £4.9bn bid for the company – throwing its planned tie-up with Intu into doubt.

"Paris-based Klepierre, which runs more than 100 shopping centres across Europe, tabled an offer of 615p a share for the British owner of the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham (pictured) and Brent Cross in north London.

"Hammerson rejected the bid but shares jumped 24 per cent, or 105.3p, to 542.4p amid signs the French will continue to pursue a deal. A source close to Klepierre said: 'We are not going away. We think this is a good deal for our shareholders and Hammerson shareholders'."

Barnet Times: "Deselected Joan Scannell hits out at Barnet Tories"

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"A row has broken out in the Barnet Tory party after a Conservative association was accused of anti-Christian, anti-family and misogynistic attitudes by a deselected councillor.

"Speaking at a meeting of the council's General Functions Committee yesterday (March 19), Cllr Joan Scannell said the attitudes were 'rife' at Hendon Conservative Association (HCA), whose chairman, Cllr Dan Thomas, has allegedly been plotting a pro-Brexit power grab.

"Last week, the Conservatives lost overall control of the council following the resignation of Cllr Sury Khatri, who was also deselected by the HCA along with Cllr Scannell and Cllr Maureen Braun at a meeting on Sunday, March 11."


Proactiveinvestors: "Capital & Regional focused on needs-based retail as times change" [unlike Hammerson and Brent Cross]

Link to web site

"It's tough in retail at present. Three major chains have gone under this year already, others are scaling back or curbing expansion plans and the online shadow grows longer.

"[Ex-Hammerson's] Lawrence Hutchings, Capital & Regional PLC’s (LON:CAL) chief executive is undeterred and indeed believes that the current upheaval just underlines the resilience of its portfolio of 'community' shopping centres.

“The headlines are not great, but we need to get the message across that all retail is not bad.” [so Hammerson has over-played its hand at being at the posh end?]

The beginning of the end for Hammerson?: The Guardian: "Shopping mall owner Hammerson rejects French firm's £4.9bn offer"

Link to web site

"French mall operator Klépierre has approached Hammerson with a £4.9bn bid proposal in an attempt to break up the UK property firm's agreed acquisition of Intu.

"... A source close to Klépierre said it would prefer a constructive dialogue, but was not ruling anything out."

"... Nick Bubb, a retail analyst, said:
"... With many of its fashion and department store tenants in some trouble, Hammerson is going to have work hard now to convince its shareholders of the merits of the Intu deal.”


Barnet Times: "Barnet Tories plot pro-Brexit coup, says Labour"

Link to web site

"A power-grab by a group of right-wing Tories in favour of Brexit and austerity lies behind the recent de-selections of three councillors, Labour has claimed.

"The de-selections of councillors Maureen Braun, Sury Khatri and Joan Scannell last weekend – followed by the resignation of Cllr Khatri yesterday – has led to claims from Labour that allies of deputy leader Daniel Thomas are plotting a coup.

"But Cllr Thomas has dismissed the allegations and said Labour were trying to divert attention away from their own internal problems."


Barnet Times: "Tories lose overall control of Barnet Council" (after 16 years)

Link to web site

"The Tories have lost control of Barnet Council after Councillor Sury Khatri resigned from the party.

"The long-standing councillor, who represented the Mill Hill ward, made the decision after being de-selected from the Conservative group following elections at the Hendon Conservative Association last weekend.

"Cllrs Maureen Braun and Joan Scannell also failed the secure the backing of members, meaning they are unable to stand for re-election when voters go the polls on May 3."

Barnet Times: West London Orbital Railway: Richard Cornelius builds it up, Capita holds it back


Barnet Times: "Mayor Sadiq Khan backs West London Orbital Rail in draft transport strategy" (Acually, it is no longer a "draft")

Link to web site

"The Mayor of London has thrown his support behind a new railway line connecting parts of Barnet with southwest London.

"In the Mayor's [ not draft] transport strategy, he announced his commitment to the West London Orbital rail line, which will connect Hounslow to Cricklewood and Hendon via Old Oak Common, Neasden and Brent Cross.

"This will also connect at Old Oak Common with HS2 and Crossrail service, providing travel into various other places in the city."

[Reposted] The "West London Orbital Railway" timetime - screwed up by Capita-Barnet not allowing space for Brent Cross platforms


ITV: "London rail line not used for over 100 years could be revived" [not if Capita has anything to do with it]

"A rail line not used by passengers for more than a century could be revived to create a new 'orbital' metro in west London"

Link to web site

"City Hall claims London Overground services linking Hounslow with Hendon and West Hampstead could kickstart the building of 20,000 homes.

"Mayor Sadiq Khan today adopted the proposed West London Orbital Rail scheme as part of his transport strategy for the next 25 years.

"The scheme would see a high frequency metro-style service on a little used freight line between Acton and Hendon."