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[Reposted] Chapman Taylor: Hammerson's Brent Cross 'Living Bridge': further designs. (Just trying to be helpful, just trying to be helpful)

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"... In time, a sturdy living bridge is produced. Some can take ten to fifteen years to become fully functional."
[Could have planted it during the failed 1996 shopping centre expansion plan, then.]

Regarding the 'Living Bridge',
"From major regional malls to speciality shopping centres, Chapman Taylor has a proven track record as one of the world’s principal designs of the retail environment. This is based on a clear understanding of both the consumer and retailers needs. Our goal is to be innovative and practical, and to always exceed the expectations of the users."

[The users are expecting a new balanced, environmentally-sustainable town of green industries, intellectually-based, rather than financially-based commercial activities, artistic and educational facilities, whole-of-life housing, and low-impact appropriate retail and leisure. What are you offering? And how much loss should Hammerson make, on its over-priced land purchases?]

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