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Urban Times: "Nine City-Building Projects to Watch For in 2013" (and strangely, none of them are Hammerson's Brent Cross)

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"For the first time in history, there are more people living in urban areas than there are in rural areas, which by 2030, are expected to support almost 5 billion people. Cities are swelling to unprecedented sizes.

"But as Edward Glaeser now famously argues in Triumph of the City, cities also represent our best hope in solving the environmental challenges we collective face, in elevating people from poverty, and in creating meaningful economic development through the power of agglomeration.

"Critical will be our ability to recognize the factors that lead to urban success, which changes every day as our societies develop and technology improves

"Because of the growing importance of cities, 2013 will play host to a vast number of city-building mega projects that will redefine how we shape the places we live in. Their outcomes will set the stage for how (and why) we build cities in the future."

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