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"Canary Wharf is set to double in size and become family friendly"

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"Canary Wharf’s housing market has been quietly readjusting since the dark days following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. With the arrival of JP Morgan and Shell, the local working population passed 100,000 for the first time last year, with the area now accommodating more bankers than the City of London. [There goes the neighbourhood.]

"And whereas the original Canary Wharf estate was geared towards giant office buildings for banks and financial services companies, the future development pipeline — more than nine million sq ft of space, the largest construction programme in London — has a far larger residential element."  

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[Brent Cross Cricklewood was going to be 14 million sq ft, before the project 'paused'. It would seem it is no longer considered 'the largest development in London'. 

Perhaps it is now recognised as a Hammerson fantasy (or nightmare). Has anyone told Barnet Regeneration?]

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