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Sunday Telegraph: "Starbucks threatens Cameron after 'unfair' tax attacks"

"Starbucks has threatened to suspend millions of pounds of investment in Britain, after what it described as constant and unfair attacks over its tax affairs by David Cameron and the Government"

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tax-avoiding Starbucks
"Kris Engskov, the multinational’s UK managing director, demanded talks at Downing Street, after the Prime Minister said tax-avoiding companies had to 'wake up and smell the coffee'.

"Mr Cameron’s use of the phrase, at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last week, was taken as a direct attack on Starbucks, which has been criticised for not paying corporation tax in Britain."

"... The US coffee chain has found itself under regular attack after it was disclosed that, since its arrival in Britain in 1998, it has paid £8.5 million in corporation tax, despite total sales of £3 billion. It said last month it had made a profit in only one year."

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"Starbucks fights shy of UK figures
amid fear of tax backlash"

"Starbucks has raised fears of a customer boycott in Britain,
after breaking with practice and failing to give any details of
the performance of its UK business over Christmas.

"Starbucks has proved a lightning rod for public anger over the
minimal tax paid by some high-profile multinationals in Britain.
It emerged late last year that the world’s largest coffee chain
has paid just £8.6m in corporation tax, on £3bn of revenues,
since launching in the UK more than a decade ago."

Brent Cross's Hammerson is involved with one off-shore tax haven in developing Brent Cross, and with another off-shore tax haven in administering its employees' company share scheme.

In addition, Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd. is in 'partnership' with an off-shore tax haven company to build a waste incinerator at Brent Cross, which may or may not make use of the planning permission already granted to Hammerson for such a plant, by Barnet council. Part of this permission includes a 140-metre incinerator chimney near the existing shopping centre.

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