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[Reposted] Chicago Streets for Cycling 2020

"Making our streets safer for bicycling will benefit all Chicagoans. Everyone should have the opportunity to ride and feel safe on our City’s streets, from an eight-year-old just learning to ride their bike, to an eighty-year-old who rides to the store. 

"However, the only way we can accomplish this is to build bicycle infrastructure that makes them feel safer and more comfortable.

"The Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 bikeway network connects neighborhoods and destinations throughout Chicago. When complete, we will have hundreds of miles of barrier and buffer protected bike lanes, traditional bike lanes, neighborhood greenways, and additional innovative treatments that will create safer streets for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

"This Plan was developed through a partnership between the Department of Transportation and the citizens of Chicago.Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and the people that know each neighborhood best are those that bike, walk, and drive them on a daily basis. 

"We are incredibly thankful to all who shared their thoughts, experiences, and vision for bicycling in Chicago with us.This proposed 645-mile bicycle system will run throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods. 

"The overall system consists of three smaller systems:  
  • Neighborhood Bike Routes that utilize residential streets,  
  • Crosstown Bike Routes that use collector and arterial roadways, and  
  • Spoke Routes that connect all corners of the City to Downtown. 
Once the network is complete, all Chicagoans will be within 1 ⁄ 2 mile of a bicycle facility. 

"I look forward to implementing this plan, and making Chicago the best city for bicycling in the United States."

Chicago Streets for Cycling 2020

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