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The Guardian: "Cycling in Britain: government to get serious with all-party inquiry"

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"Exclude racing or tourism and Britons are near the bottom of just about every European cycling ranking. Just 2.2% of people use a bike as their main means of transport, lower than all but a handful of EU nations such as Bulgaria, Malta and Cyprus.

"Other statistics are equally damning. About 2% of British children ride to school, compared with 40% in Denmark and 20% in Sweden. Almost three-quarters of British cyclists are men, a statistic that speaks of a macho, gung-ho cycling culture where riders are expected to mix it with speeding cars, buses and trucks.

"And yet cycling advocates hope things could be about to change. This week is the start of a pioneering parliamentary inquiry into how best to get Britons on their bikes, building on the momentum from last summer's sporting triumphs and an energetic cycle safety campaign by the Times. All three main party leaders have signed up. Expectations are growing that Downing Street could be on the verge of making a significant commitment.

"Danish ambassador: cycling in Britain
is seen as an activity for the few"

"Anne Hedensted Steffensen says cycling in London is fun,
but in Denmark it is 'normal, on a par with brushing your teeth'

"While Steffensen is, as you might expect, diplomatic about
the differences, Tom Godefrooij of the Dutch Cycling Embassy,
a Utrecht-based quango, says:
"The whole traffic environment is pervaded with the notion
that cars come first. Cycling is perceived to be for the brave
and adventurous, those who dare."

Link to Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

"Transport for London abandons 'shared use' pavements at Lambeth Bridge North; trials Dutch-style track"

"Transport for London has announced that it is no longer proceeding with its intended safety improvements at the Lambeth Bridge (North) roundabout. 

"Their plans, which involved converting the pavements around the roundabout to 'shared use' and allowing cyclists to use the existing zebra crossings, while making slight alterations to the carriageway, were almost unanimously opposed by respondents to the consultation."

The Times:
"How Boris plans to dig deep
for the cycling revolution"

"Boris Johnson plans to treble spending on cycle infrastructure to
almost £1 billion over the next decade, making good his promise

to unleash a 'cycling revolution' on London."

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