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'Fly a Kite Against Pollution' says Green Party

Donald Lyven, the Prospective Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Finchley and Golders Green, has just received Special Permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly a Kite to a height of 140 metres (460 feet) on the afternoon of Sunday 18 April.

Donald Lyven said:
This is to give residents of Garden Suburb, Golders Green, Cricklewood, Hendon, West Hendon, Brent and surrounding areas, an idea of how high the Barnet Tory Council-voted-for incinerator chimney will be.  Its fumes will predominately drift east due to the UK's prevailing westerly winds, taking the smoke towards some of the richest suburbs in London. 

This 'Toxic Tower of Death' is 40 metres higher than the massive chimney at Edmonton Incinerator, next to the A406.  It is projected to be belching out cleaner air than it takes in, based on yet to be developed technology!  Even if that were true, it will produce thousands of tonnes of toxic ash each year, and will have to import millions of tonnes of rubbish from surrounding communities, using hundreds of lorry journeys from surrounding districts, to make the plant viable

It seems ironic that Barnet Council can - with a show of hands - vote in a hideously dense housing scheme, in an already polluted part of London, with its 140 metre high chimney; yet I’ve had to provide all sorts of detailed information to the CAA to enable special permission to fly a kite to the same height! Officially, kites can only be legally flown to a height of 60 metres (200 feet) in the UK.

Barnet Green Party will be flying a traditional Cody Box Kite with a 2.5 metre wingspan, because of its stability in the air.  The actual location of the launch site on Clitterhouse Playing Fields will be dependent on the wind direction on the day, so as to keep the kite above the Fields at all times, and hopefully an orange wind sock will indicate the wind direction, strength and launch point.

Many other groups against the Brent Cross Cricklewood Development are due to congregate at the Clitterhouse Fields during the ascent, giving out information on the disastrous development.  Please come along to learn more about BXC.

If conditions are right, Barnet Green Party urge all residents in surrounding districts to look out for the kite between 1 and 3 pm, and to ask themselves, do they want this proposed chimney looking down on them?  You can bet property prices in surrounding areas will plummet long before the first brick is laid for the incinerator plant.  Do you want your children to breath in toxins, PCBs, carcinogens and particulates?

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