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Evening Standard: "Boris Johnson demands help on London homes: Mayor calls on George Osborne to do more to tackle crisis"

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"Speaking to the conference hall in Manchester, Mr Johnson warned about the 'massive affordability gap' in the housing market, and his concern that too many ordinary Londoners are now even struggling to raise rental deposits. He said:
"We need to do so much more; we should consider allowing companies to make tax-free loans for rental deposits, as they can for childcare. George, I hope I am not exceeding my brief if I urge you to look at the baleful effects of stamp duty in London, which is stamping on the fingers of those who are trying to climb the property ladder."
"The Mayor, who has said he will deliver 100,000 new homes in the capital by the end of his second term, urged the Government to reduce restrictions on local authorities so they could build more."

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