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Evening Standard: "Shopping shock waves that have left retailers in need of therapy"

"Black Friday brought customers out in force in Oxford Street, but they simply propped up a slow November"

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"... A slew of January High Street administrations in recent years will have brought the festive season’s importance into sharp contrast. Marks & Spencer continues to struggle to win shoppers in the mid-market, has already introduced a Gifting Weekend sale and is struggling to fulfil online orders. Debenhams, Carpetright and Mothercare are trying to return to prosperity.

"Retail has become a game of two halves. Upmarket brands such as Hotel Chocolat, Waitrose and Ted Baker are snaring the ever-lucrative premium spend while Primark, pound shops and the German grocers attract shoppers hunting bargains. The mistake no retailer can afford to make is assuming they are not the same person.

"For retailers brave enough to face up to a world where specialism is everything, they may be able to rekindle the affections of shoppers, and of the City. For those without the means to adapt, the worst could be yet to come."

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