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The Guardian: "Brixton's anti-gentrification protest: identifying the problems is one thing, fixing them is another"

"The Reclaim Brixton demonstration expressed fears that the area's character is being diluted and displaced. But the Foxtons estate agent is unlikely to go away, and the people it sells houses to won't stop coming, argues Dave Hill"

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"On paper, stopping gentrification is easy. At last Saturday’s Reclaim Brixton demonstration in south London, a list of solutions was written on three wide lengths of the stuff, taped to a wall in Windrush Square. Most focused on housing and the policies of local, Labour-run Lambeth Council:
"Build more houses for working people"
"Rent caps"
"Lambeth to stop evictions"
"[Lambeth to] Prioritise repair of estates over regeneration"

"Someone expressed the wish for a council scheme to protect small businesses deemed representative of 'the community'. There was also an assertion, echoed throughout the day, that 'Lambeth is not for sale'.

"These missives expressed the views of specific local campaigns, but also illuminated the force fuelling anxieties about gentrification in many parts of the capital – the rising value of property and land, and the rapid social changes this is driving."

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