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Channel 4 News and Hammerson's Brent Cross Cricklewood Development

Channel 4:
"Not in my backyard? 
Not any longer. 
People will lose the right to object to new homes being built nearby, under new government plans to overhaul the planning laws."

... So David Howard, of the Federation of Residents Associations of Barnet, was interviewed about Brent Cross:
"Yesterday I was asked to give an interview for Channel 4 News on the Brent Cross Cricklewood development. However, as you can see, while the interview was supposed to be about the Brent Cross redevelopment, they cut out most of the BXC stuff except for my arm flailing around doing semaphore. They added a few questions about the planning changes announced yesterday at the end, which is what made the news.

"That was the only political bit of the interview. Good job I had read the papers that morning.

"So here is my 20 secs of glory on Channel 4 news last night. It was filmed on the narrow road bridge over the 10-lane North Circular Road with Brent Cross in the background. The interview was about 10 minutes long but took 45 minutes to film because of interruptions from streams of pedestrians."

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