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Hammerson - Westfield - Hammersfield: "Developers don’t know what to call their £1.4bn supermall"

"They want to spend £1,400,000,000 demolishing and rebuilding much of the town centre, to build 1,000 'luxury apartments', a car park for eager shoppers with 3,000 bays, and they are still promising 5,000 jobs (though they remain vague about exactly what kind of jobs these might be).

"... Because of the slightly involved nature of the partnership between shopping centre rivals Hammerson and Westfield, it has been confirmed that they won't be able to call it 'Westfield'. Which is something that could undermine the longer-term prospects of the gargantuan scheme.

"... The sketchiness of [east London-based architects practice, Spacehub's] work reflects the lack of firm detail about so much of the revised plans, despite Hammersfield having been working on this already for more than three years, going through one planning process and a Compulsory Purchase Order tribunal, and spending £300 million."
"There is to be a public exhibition to display the far-from-complete plans in the Whitgift Centre from May 12 to May 15, while the developers are expected in front of the planning committee again in June."


"We are part of a team being given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the public realm in a key part of Croydon, a project which is itself part of a wider strategy to address the town's public realm. Our proposals consist of a series of enhancements to a number of existing streets and the addition of a more permeable urban structure – focused around retail, leisure and residential uses.

"The design principles are based on the prioritisation of pedestrians and cyclists and a rationalisation of the existing public realm. Key elements include the humanising of Wellesley Road, a radical transformation of the pedestrianised North End and the sensitive enhancements to Poplar Walk and the historic environment of George Street. Our work also includes the creation of a large-scale amenity roof garden for the new residential community."

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