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Evening Standard: "Revealed: London has the WORST traffic of any city in Europe" (and useless Barnet, Hammerson and Standard Life want to add to it!)

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"London now has worse traffic congestion than anywhere else in Europe, a new study reveals today.

The capital has more congestion 'hotspots' - a total of 12,776 - than anywhere else in Europe, and they are having more of an impact on drivers’ ability to get about than hotspots in 123 other cities studied by traffic experts INRIX, in 19 different countries.

"The impact of traffic hotspots in London is 28 times worse than in the average city included in the study - and they are having more impact on drivers than hotspots in Rome, Paris Hamburg and Madrid combined.

"INRIX says it means London pays the highest price in Europe on time wasted in congestion, potentially costing drivers in the capital £42 billion over the next decade."

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