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Evening Standard: "This is the future: the unstoppable march of machines"

"What will Trump and May do as even white-collar jobs look set to be eradicated by Artificial Intelligence?"

Just think to the web site

"Much of the rage that propelled Donald Trump to the inauguration stage on Capitol Hill last Friday was fuelled by angry blue-collar workers threatened by technological change. His answer is the deeply misguided reflex of populists down the ages: build walls, yell “my country first” and impose protectionist barriers against products from abroad. But he had nothing to say about the bigger, unstoppable technological change just around the corner. Nor, I safely predict, will Theresa May’s new Brexit industrial strategy have much to say either.

"AI is not only rendering people's jobs obsolete, it exposes the hopeless parochialism of a political class obsessed with fighting yesterday’s battles, whether it's car imports from Mexico or bureaucrats in Brussels.

"No wonder the leaders of Silicon Valley who gathered in Davos last week were reported to be fretting. They realise, rightly, that there's a risk they will be vilified, as the bankers were after the financial crisis."

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