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"Council sneaks out announcement of Hammerson/Westfield’s planning date"

Link to 'Inside Croydon'

" 'The £1.4billion redevelopment proposal for [Hammerson and Westfield's] Whitgift Shopping Centre is set to go before a special meeting of the council’s planning committee on Tuesday 14 November.' They didn’t mention that this would be the third time this year that a date had been set aside for such a meeting.

'Croydon Council has been working closely with the Greater London Authority (GLA), local MPs and the Minister for London to do all it could to ensure the Partnership's proposals made it to a planning committee,' the press release states, presumably to update anyone who doesn’t read 'Inside Croydon'.

"... But there was no mention of the proportion of affordable housing to be included within the scheme. Sources at City Hall have indicated this week that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, 'is minded' to use his city-wide powers to call in the planning application."

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