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[Reposted] Barnet has a Regeneration Strategy (No, really)

Date: 5 September 2011

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"This report seeks approval of the Regeneration Strategy. The Strategy provides an overview of current regeneration in the borough. 

"It sets out clear strategic objectives for the successful future delivery of our regeneration schemes. It also provides the context for a Regeneration Review which will evaluate existing and planned regeneration schemes to ensure current approaches are capable of delivering cross-cutting [sic] regeneration objectives.

"The recommendations from this review will be reported to Cabinet Resources Committee later in 2011."
Officer Contributors: Andrew Travers, Deputy Chief Executive; Lucy Shomali, Assistant Director, Strategic Planning & Regeneration; Lindsey Hyde, Project Support Officer, Strategic Planning & Regeneration; Andrew Nathan, Strategic Policy Adviser.
"It is recommended that Cabinet: 
  1. Approve the Regeneration Strategy as attached in Appendix A  (excerpts below)
  2. Note that the findings of a Regeneration Review, which supports the strategy, will be reported to Cabinet Resources Committee."

(from Appendix A)

"... A Regeneration Review is ongoing, evaluating existing and planned activity against our strategic objectives. The review will make recommendations to ensure a comprehensive approach to delivering the wider benefits of regeneration."

Challenges - Managing Change, Maximising Opportunities

(These comments have been shortened)

Despite vast planned investment into the borough, we recognise that our regeneration was planned in different market conditions, meaning that there are new challenges around delivery.

To manage change and ensure we maximise opportunities, we must fully understand all of the challenges we face:
Increasing pressure on resources and different market conditions – means that some regeneration projects may face viability issues.

Creating and sustaining lifetime homes and lifetime neighbourhoods – Encouraging the private sector to take a longer term stake in developments will support the sustainability of neighbourhoods. The government’s localism agenda will enable communities themselves to play an important role in shaping and sustaining lifetime neighbourhoods.  [Written on Planet Barnet]

Managing delivery of estate regeneration - Careful management of decanting from the regeneration estates will be needed, particularly where there is a loss of social housing.

Ensuring supporting infrastructure can be delivered and is in place - Almost all Infrastructure Delivery Plan projects relate to regeneration areas. Critical and necessary infrastructure includes; delivery of additional transport capacity to accommodate increases in population; reduction in road network congestion and making junction improvements.

Key questions we are asking of all our regeneration schemes

We recognise the importance of responding to the changing context around delivering our planned growth.

We are currently asking key strategic questions about the delivery of successful regeneration schemes for Barnet, and the actions necessary to ensure we deliver our strategic objectives. [We bet you are!]
What are the challenges and risks? 
  • Viability and deliverability of regeneration schemes 
  • Infrastructure requirements and funding and delivery plans 
  • Project and programme management and capacity 
  • Partnership and governance arrangements 
  • Communications and community engagement
Is there a forward plan in place? 
  • Individual Regeneration Scheme Delivery Plans 
  • Actions necessary to deliver a comprehensive approach to regeneration, including community development 
  • Action plan to align individual Regeneration Scheme Delivery Plans with the Regeneration Strategy
What are the tools to manage change and maximise opportunities? 
  • Strategies
  • Structures
  • Funding
[Er, that's it.]

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