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The Guardian: "International Monetary Fund and 10 other economic bodies make 'call to action' to boost growth"

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"Expressing concern about the weakness of economic activity and rising unemployment, the IMF's Christine Lagarde, the World Bank's Robert Zoellick, and the WTO's Pascal Lamy joined the heads of eight other multilateral and regional institutions in calling for policies to create jobs, tackle inequality, and green the global economy.

"While acknowledging that the global economy faced severe challenges, the action plan said momentum could be regained by increasing spending on infrastructure, and by 'beginning to realise the promise of a greener economy'. 

"To do so, the world would need an open trading system, resilient cross-border finance, sustainable government finances, determined and coordinated structural reforms, and measures to address inequalities in all countries." 

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Daily Telegraph: "Do economists have any better ideas?"
"Capitalism has come a long way. Speaking in its defence recently, the former Tory Cabinet minister, Michael Portillo, asked: 
"Is there any other system that could lift so many people out of poverty, and create societies rich enough to provide welfare, health and education services?"
When you put it like that, the anti-capitalists look like Monty Python’s 'People’s Front of Judea': 
"Apart from those capitalists who made us rich and provided welfare, health and education, what have the capitalists ever done for us?"

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