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The Guardian: Architect Richard Rogers and partners discuss £140m penthouses, John Prescott's 'flair', and Prince Charles's strange ideas

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Architect Richard Rogers was chairman of the Urban Taskforce from 1998-2005, championing high-density cities; brownfield not greenfield for building. The taskforce was appointed by then deputy prime minister John Prescott, about whom Rogers has nothing but good to say:
"Contrary to what everyone believed, I thought Prescott was a good minister, because he concentrated, and stuck around, and had a certain flair. It was a very important part of my life."
The question of "how one builds at the density required of a city centre, and still achieves the right feel at the street scale," as Ivan Harbour puts it, is of urgent concern, they argue. 

"It's about humane scale in intensified development," adds Graham Stirk.

"It's about concentrating, rather than spreading," says Harbour. "You need good design to solve the problems of dense spaces."

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