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New Barnet: Where Barnet Council changed its ways (at least, so far)

Link to PDF file of the plan

"The Vision for New Barnet"

"The Save New Barnet Campaign is not against development, just inappropriate development. In fact, there is a Save New Barnet development plan [above] for the vacant gasworks site, drawn up by local architects and based on local residents' wishes for low-rise family houses.

"The coalition government's Localism Act encourages early discussion between developers and the local community: we look forward to working positively with Barnet Council, investors and developers to improve the heart of our community.

"Read the community's Vision for New Barnet:
and the January 2012 newsletter [below]."

Link to PDF of newsletter
Excerpt from newsletter:

Barnet Local Development Framework
"The Government requires every Local Authority to have an approved plan for the growth and regeneration of its area for the next 15 years.
"Barnet's Local Development Framework (LDF) includes the Town Centre Framework for New Barnet. The draft document was produced in 2010, consulted upon, amended, sent out to consultation again, amended again, then subject to an Examination in Public by a Government-appointed Inspector in December 2011.

"The inspector raised some issues about the Brent Cross/Cricklewood redevelopment, the need for more affordable housing, Barnet's restriction on converting houses into flats, lack of sites for travelling people and show people, and the car parking requirements being too high! The Council has addressed these matters, and sent revisions out for consultation on 25th January 2012, with a closing date of 8th March. A few of these matters could have an impact on New Barnet, and these are being considered.

"There was a discussion about the New Barnet Town Centre Framework (NBTCF) but no amendments have been made to the document adopted by the Cabinet of Barnet Council, on 29th November 2010."

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