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Friday 20 Jan: Barnet Cycling Campaign: building a better biking borough

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"This first meeting will be at a venue to be confirmed. Agenda items include 20mph local campaigns, Veloteers, and what to do about the A406. However, as this is the first meeting of the new group, we want to spend most of the time hearing from you and getting to know one another.

"We are the newly expanded campaigning arm of Barnet Cyclists. We will be rolling out a number of campaigns and events in the run up to the 2012 Mayoral and London Assembly elections and beyond."


  1. You don't see enough venn diagrams on blogs - well done. (Mr Mustard will be impressed by my mathematical knowledge, won't he?)

  2. Are you still intersecting with him?

    As for Vicky, she's part of the union.

  3. I am always amazed and impressed by Mrs Angry.

    That OU degree she is doing in Mathmatics, Computing & Blogging ( surely there must be one ) is time & money well spent.

    If I was being picky though I would say that in a Venn diagram the circles are usually the same size and this circular representation of a cyclist ( with a red hot arse - could it be that well known anti cycling cabinet member forced by Boris onto a bike when he hasn't quite got over the shock of the routemaster refusing to turn down that well known gritted park ) is more like the "infographic" charts which Barnet Council do in which the annual spend by Directorate is represented by proportionately sized circles and the moons round them were each department's spend and if the 2010/11 chart were not complicated enough and probably not understood by 99% of the residents ( just a load of coloured balls ) they have in the next incarnation been made much more detailed thus defeating the point of the chart, simplicity.


    Most people would be happy for a simple list showing the department and the spend but that might be too open and transparent.