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DaveHill'sLondonBlog: "Boris woos London motorists as transport battle lines grow clearer"

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"It is a recipe for slow but steady stagnation. London's drivers (and I'm one of them) should not be persecuted for the fun of it, but rising road congestion is bad for the city, economically and environmentally. Every prediction is that it is going to increase, and every past experience shows that the more you do to accommodate rising road use, the more road congestion you get.

"It's inevitable, yet still a shame that the debate between the two front runners for Mayor looks set to be so polarised. There is, of course, a decent case for a new road vehicle crossing in the east of London, but it needs to made in a context of a much wider and more visionary transport policy platform. 

"The hard pragmatics of election campaigns mean we might not get much sight of one. You probably knew that already..."

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