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A reminder of SOME of what Hammerson and Standard Life are trying to do at Brent Cross Cricklewood, and how we are campaigning against them!

TRANSPORT: Their actions will immediately end any possibility of a light railway across the Brent Cross estate for a lifetime (until the tower blocks all come down again).

Barnet Council estimates over 29,000 extra car journeys a day (including at West Hendon). Later, lower estimates assume unrealistic 'mode change' of shopping centre car users to buses.

 INCINERATOR: They want to install large-scale and hazardous incineration of household waste on-site. This will need to attract the maximum tonnage of source material to be commercially viable, maybe including commercial waste from all over north London. It is likely to reduce the pressure to reuse and recycle waste material. Plastics are likely to be burnt in the gasifying incinerator, in order for the material to have a high enough calorific value. Accidents are always likely, with any industrial process.

We have no problem with a 'combined heat and power plant'. The one at 'Kings Cross Railway Lands' will burn natural gas and possibly wood chips, and housing and commercial space will be part of the same building.

 (Visit the 'German Gymnasium' next to St. Pancras Station, to see a free exhibition of that whole development, open several days every week. The Kings Cross developers have a website, and there is a semi-active residents/activists' website.

Oddly enough, 'London Communications' PR agency handle both Kings Cross [Well done, but questioning exists!] and Brent Cross [Ahggg!])

Update: And also PR for Quintain at Wembley [Not bad effort, but jury is out! Brent expect this to go to Committee in April 2011.]

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