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Hammerson and Shopping Centres

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"...Prime shopping centres have become highly coveted as the building of new malls has slowed to a trickle, despite Britain's obsession with shopping."

"...Property developer Hammerson is the second-largest player, with nine malls."

"Experts blame an arduous planning regime and a shortage of finance. 'The tap has been slowly turned off and we have to find a way to turn it back on again,' said Charles Miller, head of retail at King Sturge. 'The planning regime hasn't helped and localism has made it a lot more complex.' "

" 'There is growth to be had, but it has to be the right type of shopping centre,' said Lawrence Hutchings, head of retail at Hammerson. 'Retailers are feeling the need to be in fewer locations than in the past, but they need flagship stores that embody the brand. It's a real opportunity for prime shopping centres.' "

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