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  • S106 signed - one of the largest ever for a single scheme in the UK
  • Regeneration will create a new town centre bringing 27,000 jobs and 7,500 homes
  • Almost £1bn of community and infrastructure investment for NW London

Following a resolution to grant planning consent in November 2009, Barnet Council has now granted full consent for the creation of a new £4.5bn Town Centre in Brent Cross Cricklewood. This follows the signing of the Section 106 agreement that sets out the community and infrastructure investment the scheme will bring.

Jonathan Joseph for the Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Partners (Hammerson and Standard Life Investments) said:
‘The Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration will bring unprecedented investment into Barnet and North West London at a time when this is much needed, creating 27,000 new jobs, 7,500 homes, improved public transport, exceptional green and public spaces and brand new community, health and school facilities. Now that we have secured planning approval we can start to address key conditions of the Section 106 Agreement in addition to other detailed work necessary to facilitate a start on site in around four years time. A vital part of our work moving forward will be engagement with local people and the wider community to ensure that everyone is fully involved with and informed of our plans.’

In total the S106 and associated infrastructure packages will bring nearly £1bn (£964m) of investment to be spent on major new community and transport infrastructure and environmental measures, including:
  • £515.5m on new transport infrastructure and the rail linked Waste Handling Facility
  • £189m on new environmental measures
  • £112m on ground clean up and the disposal of waste
  • £109m on community and social infrastructure
  • £38.5m on public open and green space

Notes to Editors

1. The Brent Cross Cricklewood Development Partners comprise Hammerson and Standard Life Investments.

2. The regeneration area covers over 151 hectares, including Brent Cross Shopping Centre in the North and bordered by the A41 (Hendon Way) in the East, Cricklewood Lane in the South and the A5 (Edgware Road) in the West. The A406 (North Circular Road) passes through the site East to West, as does the Midland Mainline rail infrastructure North to South.

3. The BXC scheme will provide 27,000 jobs and 7,500 homes. It is based around six core themes:

1. Great Parks and Green Open Spaces
• The creation of substantial new parks with a range of landscaping and habitats and the complete re-profiling of Clitterhouse Playing Fields with new sports, play and changing facilities.

2. A High Street of Character
• Lined with trees, shops and caf├ęs, connecting the mainline train station and commercial district in the West to Brent Cross Shopping Centre and the bus station in the North, passing through a series of new public squares and over a new bridge across the A406.

3. Beautiful Residential Streets
• Distinct residential neighbourhoods providing 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes including affordable housing and new children’s play facilities, maximising density especially where close to major infrastructure.

4. New Schools, Jobs and Community Facilities
• New schools with enlarged capacities and modern facilities will be built for Whitefield School, Mapledown School and Claremont Primary School, as well as a major new Health Centre, second GP surgery, a new sports and leisure centre, library and community centre. The thousands of permanent new jobs created will be supported by local training and placement programmes.

5. A Thriving Shopping Destination
• Brent Cross will be transformed to form a key part of the new town centre, with new shops opening out into a pedestrian-only High Street and public square. Cafes, restaurants, a cinema and other leisure facilities will overlook a substantially improved River Brent and remain open into the evening.

6. Easy to Get To and Easy To Get Around
• A completely new train station on the Midland Mainline will be built. Brent Cross Bus Station will become a new, much larger facility and new road junctions and pedestrian bridges off the A41 and Edgware Road will create additional routes to and from the area.

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  1. Will be dead in the water, if the North London Waste Authority cannot proceed, thanks to DEFRA pulling the plugs.

  2. Funnily enough, "Dead in the water" was the phrase used by Mayor Boris Johnson in January 2012.