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[Reposted] Hammerson's broken promises: (1) We are in it for the long term; (2) The Brent Cross development will not require subsidy; (3) We are a talented and competent outfit, not a bunch of clowns.

New Brent Cross Thameslink station (and for London Overground, from Old Oak Common?)
2008: Thameslink Programme (TLP) and Department for Transport (DfT) agree service pattern for station at 8tph peak, 4tph off-peak
2009: URS business case establishes positive BCR for station
2010-2012: Design integration with TLP GRIP 3 review and GRIP4
May 2012: DfT consultation on the TSGN franchise refers to the new station
June 2012: TLP review confirmed service pattern at 8tph proceed in 2011 version of the 2018 development timetable
Jan 2013: Brent Cross Cricklewood (BXC) GRIP3 report submitted to Network Rail (NR)
July 2013: NR / DfT confirm up to 8tph could stop
Sept 2013: NR confirmation BXC document in TSGN Franchise Data Room [don’t ask]
Nov 2013: NR validates URS station core cost estimate
Aug 2014: NR peer review of station design: Confirmed construction wiork feasible, subject to stage gate close out [no idea] GRIP 3; funding; risk management; access; and stakeholder management
Oct 2014: NR Investment Panel approval
Nov 2014: Stakeholder workshop to agree stakeholder requirements (input from route requirements document)
Nov 2014: Network services agreement with NR signed
Nov 2014 – Jan 2015: Initial GRIP3 review of existing GRIP3 proposals, including train services modelling, demand forecasting and business case development to identify preferred station design which meets client requirements
Feb 2015: Preferred scheme and updated cost estimate
July 2015: Complete GRIP3 AIP [?] and contracting strategy
Dec 2015: Network change
April 2016: GRIP4 detailed design
Dec 2017 – May 2021: GRIP6 – 7 Construction, testing and commissioning
May 2021: Station open (proposed opening date)
May 2021 – Dec 2022: Grip 8 Project close out (contractual close, 1 year).

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