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Mike McGuinness, and the Hammerson Career Graveyard of Brent Cross [Reposted]

The Brent Cross Coalition 
'Short Straw Award'

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"Mike McGuinness is currently Development Director at Hammerson, and since 1985 has specialised in major retail-led urban regeneration projects across the UK, covering all aspects of the development process, including site assembly, planning, design and delivery.

"Major award winning projects include White Rose, Leeds, Canterbury and Exeter.

"Mike is currently leading the Regeneration of Brent Cross Cricklewood which recently received planning consent for mixed-use development of 14million sq ft."

We say: Who could forget the conversation that preceded his appointment? (as in the Jonathan Miller/Peter Cook sketch):

(Cook) "McGuinness!" [Michael breaks away from the singing] "Sorry to drag you away from the fun, old boy. Brent Cross’s not going very well, you know."

(Miller) "Oh my God!"

(Cook) "Making money from development is a psychological thing, McGuinness, rather like a game of football. You know how, in a game of football, ten men often play better than eleven?"

(Miller) "Yes, sir."

(Cook) "McGuinness, we are asking you to be that one man. I want you to lay down your [career], Michael. We need a futile gesture at this stage. It will raise the whole tone of the development. 

Get in a taxi, McGuinness, pop over to north Cricklewood, take a shufti, don’t come back."

"Goodbye, McGuinness. God, I wish I was going too."

(Miller) "Goodbye, sir – or is it – au revoir?"

(Cook) "No, McGuinness."

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'My letter to Parliament'

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