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MoveHut: "Hammerson: The Napoleon Bonaparte Connection"

"And John Lewis is that way"
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"Speaking at the unveiling of Hammerson’s half-year financial results, David Atkins, when talking about the way major retailers are responding to the current economic climate, said:
"Customers want all of the outlets they are visiting to be in one shopping centre. As a result, retailers are shedding units in small towns and secondary high streets, but keeping positions in large shopping centres.”

"As a nation we are a lost tribe – disoriented, brooding and suspicious. There is no sense of collective purpose or shared destiny. It is a directionlessness intermingled with a destructive new conviction that a cornerstone of Englishness – a commitment to fairness – is being torched.

"Those at the top are in the forefront of the charge to grab what they can, without any sense of their proportional and due dessert, or accompanying responsibility to the society of which they are part.

"... Add to that picture, private shopping centres that allow no public place for kids to gather, inadequate and now closing youth clubs, being routinely questioned by police just for being under 25, and being ordered to disperse, even if there are only two of them – all these impact on an entire age group.

"The dutiful, non-rioting young may work hard for their qualifications, degrees and apprenticeships. But they too could be forgiven for asking themselves: for what?"

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