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"PLANNING FOR A BETTER FUTURE - the POS planning manifesto for the next government"

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"The Planning Officers Society (POS) has been looking ahead to the national parliamentary elections in May 2015. The main parties are drafting their manifestos; POS has been looking at what it can do to help them.

"POS has produced 'Planning for a Better Future'. It's [sic] core message is that planning is key to meeting housing needs and delivering economic growth through the creation of sustainable development, and POS invites a new Government to work with it to build a more efficient and effective planning system. The document is limited to four key areas: 'Making Great Places', 'Simpler Planning' and 'Tools for the Job' but the main focus is 'Meeting Our Nation's Needs'.

"Mike Kiely, President of POS, said:
"Our offer is to help ensure that a community's needs, particularly for housing, are met through the planning system. We consider that there are features of the current system that need refinement, to ensure that they work better and serve our communities well."

BBC: 'The Planners'

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