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[Reposted from April 2014] The Guardian: "Boris Johnson's transport planners forecast soaring London road congestion"

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"Boris Johnson's transport policies will fail to prevent huge increases in road traffic congestion across London in the coming years, according to research by his own transport agency.

"Transport for London has concluded that by 2031 congestion in central London will have worsened by 60% even if Johnson's entire transport strategy investment programme is implemented and augmented with further short-term measures. Congestion in inner London is projected to rise by 25% and in outer London by 15%.

"A paper containing a summary of the research was presented to the TfL board's surface transport panel earlier this month. It says a range of 'easier' options that might lessen congestion, including greater use of traffic control technology, attempts to change people's travel habits and further public transport investment, would be 'insufficiently effective by themselves to hold congestion at today's levels and will in fact only provide a few years of mitigation'."

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