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Wed 27 Jan: Argent's (yes, ARGENT'S) Brent Cross Planning Application 15/06518/RMA - Roads around the Living Hell Bridge

"Arup has been commissioned by Argent (Property Development)Services LLP to provide transport and highways advice in support of an application for highways infrastructure for Brent Cross South Phase 1A (South).

"The proposals for Phase 1A (South) comprise two sections of highway designated as the eastern end of Claremont Park Road from the junction with Claremont Avenue (Claremont Park Road (Part 1)), and the western end of School Lane from the junction with Claremont Avenue to Claremont Road. Both of these roads tie into highways infrastructure addressed under BXC Phase 1A (North), and as such the proposals here are intended to complement those of Phase 1A (North). No plot development is to be brought forward under Phase 1A (South), and as such no assessment of trips has been undertaken.

"... Overall, the proposals for BXS Phase 1A (South) are in line with the wider constraints and design guidance under the BXC scheme and the more local constraints arising from the proposals of Phase 1A (North). As no plot development is proposed under Phase 1A (South), it is considered that, with the exception of the Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy submitted alongside this RMTR, there is no additional requirement for strategy documents relating to travel planning and construction management."

"... The Living Bridge is also proposed to replace the existing footbridge across the A406, providing a shared pedestrian and cycle linkage to the north of the BXC site. Proposals under Phase 1A (South) connect to the southern end of the Living Bridge as well as into facilities on Claremont Avenue under Phase 1A (North)."

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