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Daily Telegraph: "Boris Johnson: opponents of foreign investment in London property are 'illogical'"

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"Boris Johnson defended the injection of overseas wealth into the London housing market and rubbished 'xenophobic left-wing commentators' who want to 'fight them off with pitch forks'.

"To a packed room at the inaugural UK MIPIM property conference, the Major of London promised the delivery of 500,000 affordably-priced new homes for Londoners within the next ten years.

"In his key note speech to the British property industry, Mr Johnson said there was 'no logic' to bashing overseas investment but that there is a 'social injustice' that Londoners cannot afford to live anywhere near their place of work, following a 20pc increase in property prices in the capital over the last year."

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"Protestors gathered outside the UK’s biggest property trade show today to campaign against the sell-off of social housing in the capital"

"About 100 protesters from all over London and even some from Spain rallied the inaugural MIPIM UK conference which started today at Olympia, and is normally held in Cannes, France.

"There were chants of ‘homes for people not for profit’ and ‘social housing not social cleansing', as around 4,000 property developers, architects, investors, agents and local government representatives queued up to make their way into the conference centre.

"Mayor of London Boris Johnson gave the opening speech at 10am but protesters hoping to catch a glimpse of the mayor, who much of their vitriol was directed at, were disappointed when he chose not to enter through the main door."

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