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Mr Mustard: "Sharp as a Beachball / The Secret State" (and some magic roundabouts)

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"Eight roundabouts are currently generating an income to the council of £10,000 (i.e. a total income of £20,000 split with the sales team). All available sites are fully used and the market could certainly cope with additional sites."

"The above wording is from the notes given to councillors, and afterwards on request to interested members of the public, from a 'secret' meeting of a working group of the Environment Committee. The council will say the meeting was not secret but public, although they didn't advertise it anywhere. and didn't give any notice of it to the public. and didn't make papers available on the day so the dedicated public who heard whispers of a meeting and went along on the off chance didn't even know what the agenda was.

"The chairman of the meeting, Dean Cohen, could have told the public gallery, which had more members than the committee did, they numbered 5, the public were double that, what the agenda items were but he didn't care to inform us which was not Open & Transparent the alleged default state of the council. You can judge if that is so."

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