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MIPIM jolly: "Give me your tired, your poor, We dodgy developers yearning to trade tax free, The low-risk profits of our holdings off-shore." (poem, 1883)

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"In his 20 February speech announcing the new Croydon Growth Zone, Chancellor George Osborne said:
"Attracting investment and improving connectivity are vital for helping businesses large and small to create more jobs here in London."
"Future of London has been hearing that call from its members and wider network for some time, and is launching a multi-part programme on local inward investment efforts that target employment as much as property development.

"As the Capital's boroughs compete with each other – and with commercial and industrial centres across Europe and beyond – finding a balance between 'all comers' and 'perfect partners' is key.

"On Wednesday 11 March at a bonus NLA panel at MIPIM, Future of London board directors Stewart Murray and Pat Hayes will take part in a scene-setting discussion on borough approaches to date, on what constitutes 'success' – and on what will help authorities attract the investment they need to fulfil employment goals, in tandem with developing housing and commercial space."

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