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The Observer: "Britain’s housing crisis is a human disaster. Here are 10 ways to solve it"

"Rising house prices have been willed by public policy over decades. The fallout for families, communities and business has been severe"

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" 'Every day I cry,' says an activist on a stall in Stratford, east London, that is shared by housing campaign Focus E15 and the Revolutionary Communist party. 'How many thousands of people are suffering?'

"Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, has said that problems with housing are the 'biggest risk' to the UK economy. The CBI agreed, saying: 'A perfect storm is brewing in the housing market. Now is the time for action.'

"If there is one thing that revolutionary communists and bankers can agree on, it is that there is a housing crisis in Britain. There are too few homes, usually costing too much, often in the wrong places, and often of poor quality. The crisis damages lives, breaks up families, blights employment prospects, reduces mobility and slows the economy.

"This, you would have thought, would be a gift for any political party. Housing is a matter of vital importance to voters. At a time when all parties struggle to offer alternatives to each other, this would be an opportunity to be distinctive and take the lead. Yet all the main parties' offerings on the subject are piecemeal, gestural and unambitious."

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