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Evening Standard: "Conservatives lost four seats in capital because 'London is turning into Paris', Tory MP claims"

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"The Conservatives lost four seats in London because the city is 'turning into Paris' with poorer people being pushed out from the gentrifying centre, a senior Tory MP warned today.

"Gavin Barwell, who won Croydon Central in a cliffhanger battle which gave him a majority of just 165, also raised concerns over the 'craziness' of the housing market, with property prices having spiralled out of the reach of many Londoners.

"He saw four colleagues beaten in the city, Nick de Bois in Enfield North, Lee Scott in Ilford North, Angie Bray in Ealing Central and Acton and Mary Macleod in Brentford and Isleworth."

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