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Hammerson Positive Places (just not Brent Cross Shopping Centre, of course)

"Our CEO, David Atkins, and Head of Sustainability Louise Ellison, explain the ambitions for Positive Places, the responsbility [sic] that comes with increased development activity, and how Hammerson uses its unique position to increase awareness of sustainability among its key stakeholders."

Our Chief Executive's Vision
"As an ambitious property company we are prepared to push the boundaries around sustainability [though not regarding Barnet's estimate of 29,000 extra cars around Brent Cross shopping centre, of course]: this means not only aiming to set industry precedents with regards to those impacts that are tightly regulated, but also exploring our potential to drive change in other ways."
David Atkins

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"Hammerson was one of the first major property developers to address sustainability considerations seriously and systematically. Our developments from 2003 onwards saw a series of innovations, ranging from local employment programmes to natural ventilation.

"With our development activity again increasing, we are focusing on designing and delivering buildings that will operate efficiently over the next 50 years or more. This means ensuring that environmental and social sustainability are designed into a scheme alongside economic sustainability, from the outset. [That rules out Brent Cross future plans then.] It also means reflecting on the many social, environmental and technological changes that will take place over that period.

"Quite a challenge when you think that when we originally developed Brent Cross shopping centre in 1976 it was the first out of town retail centre in the UK and we only had three television channels!"
Future route to
Brent Cross shopping centre

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