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Hammerson's Living Bridge (sic)

Hammerson's current but inaccurate image of the Brent Cross road layout, descended from the corrupt Barnet 2010 planning consent:

The 2014 consent added the living bridge (centre, across the North Circular Road).

Brent Cross Living Bridge (1)
Darren Johnson (16-Sept-2015)
Do you intend to take ownership of the 'Living Bridge'?
The Mayor (16-Sept-2015)
No, as it does not link directly to or from the Transport for London Road Network. However, the developer will need to secure an oversailing licence to ensure its construction, operation and maintenance is acceptable for TfL as the bridge will extend over the A406.

Brent Cross Living Bridge (2)
Darren Johnson (16-Sept-2015)
Will it feature a segregated cycle path, as part of a long-distance cycle route?
The Mayor (16-Sept-2015)
The Living Bridge will be the end of the cycle route. The strategic and segregated cycle route will be provided through the Brent Cross area via the adjacent Tempelhof Bridge.

Brent Cross Living Bridge (3)
Darren Johnson (16-Sept-2015)
You stated in your response to 2014/1379 referring to the northern side of the Living Bridge 'from there onwards, cyclists could use the proposed two-way shared 3.5m wide cycle and pedestrian route along the northern side of the diverted river Brent.' However, the planning application shows a flight of steps at this point. How will cyclists with mobility issues use this section?
The Mayor (16-Sept-2015)
The Living Bridge is an access route to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, with an entrance directly from the bridge to the shopping centre. Cyclists wishing to access the centre will be able to cycle across the bridge park their bikes and walk into the shopping centre on the same level without needing to use steps of a lift.

Brent Cross contract (2)
Darren Johnson (25-Mar-2015)
Who will have ownership and responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the Living Bridge which is being built as part of the Brent Cross development?
The Mayor (25-Mar-2015)
The final ownership of the Living Bridge remains under discussion. As with any other third party structure over the TfL road network, there will be effective measures in place to ensure that the bridge will be properly maintained to protect road users' safety and the standards required by TfL on its road network.

Brent Cross - 'living bridge' and cyclists
Darren Johnson (19-Mar-2014)
What routes at the northern end of the proposed 'living bridge' do you suggest that cyclists can use to get to and from the Brent Cross shopping centre?
The Mayor (19-Mar-2014)
The indicative plans show that the Living Bridge proposed by the developers will be accessible to cyclists at the southern end along the bridge approach ramp leading up from the Market Square. Cycling will then be permitted on the Living Bridge as far as its northern side where 40 cycle parking racks are proposed. From there onwards, cyclists could use the proposed two-way shared 3.5m wide cycle and pedestrian route along the northern side of the diverted river Brent. This east-west route would connect to the Brent Park Road (extending under the M1 motorway) to the west and under the A41 flyover in the east to link with Prince Charles Drive and with TfL's proposed cycle superhighway route 11 along Hendon Way. The general parameters for the development have been fixed as part of the outline planning permission recently granted by Barnet Council. TfL and the GLA are actively working with both the Council and the developer to maximise opportunities for walking and cycling in the detailed design, with a particular focus on links between Brent Cross and the wider area.

Brent Cross Living Bridge (4)
Darren Johnson (16-Sept-2015)
You stated in your response to 2014/1379 that TfL and the GLA had been actively working to maximise opportunities for safe walking and cycling in the detailed design. Please now explain how these opportunities have been incorporated into the detailed design. If the detailed design is not yet complete, by what means will the public be informed when it is complete and how will that relate to the time scale of planning applications?
The Mayor (16-Sept-2015)
The detailed design is not yet complete but TfL has been working with the developers to maximise opportunities for walking and cycling. TfL wrote to the developer on 18th June 2015 to confirm what is required from the developers in terms of their highway design outputs and process before both parties can enter into a formal agreement under section 278 of the Highway Act for the developer to delivery those highway works. This includes support for public consultation on design and governance. The timescale for delivery of highway works is linked to the outline planning permission by conditions. For example, the developers must have all necessary consents in place (including the section 278 agreement) before they can commence their development.

Brent Cross North Circular Road
Navin Shah (22-Feb-2016)
What stages have each of the road junction and bridge designs reached and how will the public be consulted?
The Mayor (22-Feb-2016)
The majority of road junctions and bridge designs along Brent Cross North Circular Road have now received planning permission following the required statutory planning consultation process. In parallel to finalising the planning process, TfL will continue to provide robust assurance to ensure the detailed designs are sufficient to meet its requirements. Further statutory consultation with the public may be required as part of this process. Final designs will be delivered by the developer in accordance with planning related Section 278 Agreements. These will need to be agreed between the developer, TfL and other relevant parties.

Brent Cross (2)
Navin Shah (16-Sept-2015)
Have you been content to consider the Brent Cross scheme under its still-current supplement to the London Plan, which predicts over 29,000 extra vehicle movements per working day in the area? Will you still be undertaking Stage II planning determination of the scheme against those criteria?
The Mayor (16-Sept-2015)
The most recent Brent Cross application was made under section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act. This is in effect a minor material amendment to the 2010 permission. In my response to Barnet Council in January 2014 I advised that I support the regeneration benefits of the scheme and recommended they work with TfL to mitigate the transport aspects and ensured that TfL are a signatory to the section 106 agreement so that they can fulfil their strategic transport role. As a section 73 application there is no formal stage 2 determination, and I do not have any strategic planning remit at this stage. That said, TfL continue to work closely with Barnet Council to determine the subsequent reserved matters and ensure that any transport obligations are fulfilled as required.

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