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The Guardian: "Can the advertising industry sell us waste-free living?"

"The founder of WWF’s Earth Hour, Andy Ridley, believes the creative industries are key to building support for the circular economy"

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"It was diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia that sparked Andy Ridley's interest in environmental issues. Shocked at its state, he joined WWF and went on to launch Earth Hour in 2007, the huge climate change awareness campaign that sees buildings in 7,000 cities turn off their lights.

"Now, in his new role as CEO of Circular Economy, a Netherlands-based social enterprise, Ridley wants to build a similar global grassroots movement to accelerate the circular economy.

" 'My experience of Earth Hour was people saying, it won't work here, it won’t work there ... but adoption happens if you get the right mayor, the right business person, the right community leader, or the right sister organisation,' he says."

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