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The Guardian: "Without a radical overhaul of transport, UK suburbs face poverty"

"Too many cars and poor public transport services linking outlying areas to city centres have increased poverty and social isolation in the suburbs"

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"As places to live, the suburbs may not have much cachet, but that has never been their appeal. Out-of-town developments tend to be places city dwellers move to when they have a family. To manage the rent or mortgage, plus the cost of bringing up children, it’s always been essential that travel back to the centre remains quick and easy.

"But not all is well in our suburbs. In many outlying areas, it’s becoming more difficult in many places to reach centres of growth and employment. A new report by the Smith Institute has found that many once aspirational, or at least affordable, areas of family housing are falling behind city centres in terms of their ability to offer a decent quality of life.

"Central to that decline is a failure to provide frequent, well-routed, affordable and sustainable methods of travel."

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